Process & Ingredients

Ingredients / what you need:

  • 1kg High quality Marijuana with highest amount of THC
  • 10 litres isopropyl alcohol (99% pure)-I never settle for less than quality 99% solvents
  • Dense Siv
  • Clean, untreated piece of wood (to stir your mixture)
  • Rice cooker
  • Plastic bucket
  • Ice
  • Syringes


  1. I start by ensuring that my marijuana plants and buds are as dry as possible before going any further.
  2. I then add the plants to my solvent (isopropyl alcohol) in order to strip the plants of their THC.
  3. Stirring and crushing the plants for a few minutes is recommended in order to extract the most amount of THC from the plants, into the solvent.
  4. I leave the plants in the solvent for around 2 to 3 hours to really let the solvent do its work
  5. The next step is to pour the solvent through a dence siv in order to catch all the left over plants leaves and stalks. All I want is the solvent (which is now concentrated with THC)
  6. Now what I do is pour the solvent into a rice cooker and put it on full heat in order to “burn away” the solvent and leave behind just the THC rich oil.
  7. I throw a few ice blocks into the solvent to stop it from over heating, since this would allow cannabinoids to vapourise off the oil which we don’t want.
  8. Once all the solvent has boiled away, I am left with the oil. I wait for it to cool down slightly before using syringes to suck up all the cannabis oil.